Cashmere is our true passion

Cashmere, a pampering for who wears it

It’s easy to say cashmere, but how do you recognize true quality in knitwear products made of this fiber?

There are obviously technical parameters that precisely define the quality of cashmere, but that’s not what we want to talk about here.

What we would like to share with you is a direct method to which each of us can refer to independently understand if a product is worth its price.

We can say that a garment that uses a high quality fiber must be soft, light, shiny, consistent. Real cashmere must have what is called the return to life. Squeeze your sweater tightly in your hands and make sure this returns to its initial condition in a few minutes.

Cashmere, how to maintain it?

Cashmere is an animal fiber that continues to live even after the various processing stages that transform it into a finished garment. The secret to keep the garment perfect over the years is to not wear it consecutively. It is useful to know that our garment needs moments of rest to alternate with moments of wearing. This is because the fiber, after the stress due to wearing, regains strength by itself.

Cashmere loves water

A delicate wash does not damage it, just immerse it for a short time in a basin of water with neutral soap, rinse it well and then do a light spin at 400 rpm to remove the excess water. The garment can then be rolled up in a towel and left to dry completely on a surface, away from direct sunlight and heat sources. At this point, our garment can be placed in our closet, in a non-airtight bag (this natural fiber needs to breathe!), perhaps with some cedar or camphor wood balls inside, to keep moths away.

Cashmere, is pilling synonymous with poor quality?

The term pilling comes from the verb “to pill”, that is “to make lint”. On cashmere sweaters this phenomenon is present, there is a superficial formation of fluff, which becomes tangled forming small tufts, cashmere is actually subject to the formation of shot. However, this is not a defect, but a natural consequence that occurs when wearing the garment. The peculiarity of pilling, in quality cashmere, is that these small dots come off with relative ease. Our garment can be gently brushed with the special combs or anti-pilling velvet brushes to gently caress the garment and remove excess hair.

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